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5 Steps to Living Like…Blue Ivy Carter
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5 Steps to Living Like…Blue Ivy Carter

Since Beyonce’s revelation of an impending baby Carter at the VMA’s, we’ve all been eagerly awaiting the bundle of joy. The Destiny’s Child’s child was born last Saturday, January 7th. Proud papa, Jay Z celebrated the arrival of his first daughter, Blue Ivy, in a way only the King of Hip Hop could do, write her a rap. He released the heartfelt ditty, “Glory” on his website, Life + Times. It featured the newborn’s cry and crazy deets about the pregnancy. Listen for yourself and Blue won’t be the only one wailing.

The shit is DEEEP.

This three-day-old with a song already written about her is bound to be spoiled. We’re imagining baby’s first cross from Uncle Kanye, a chic onesie from Aunt Gwenie, and a Roley that actually tick tocks(as soon as she’s big enough).

Here are five items we found to help you(and the cool kid in your life) ball as hard as the first-baby-of-hip hop…
1. Onyx & Pearl Cross Pendant Necklace, $10,000.00
2. Paris Onesie from
3. Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names, $25
4. R’n’B Nursery Rhymes, $8.99
5. Kanye West Felt Finger Puppet, $16

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