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How To Make A Hockey Jersey Look SEXY
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How To Make A Hockey Jersey Look SEXY
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How To Make A Hockey Jersey Look SEXY

When I think about hockey the first thing that comes to mind is my hometown – Chicago. Step off a plane in the Windy City and I swear the first thing you see is a Blackhawks logo on something or someone.

Chicagoans are dedicated! As they should be, the ‘Hawks have won six Stanley Cups. (Which, I should also note, make a cameo in basically every Midwestern guy’s main Tinder pic.) So, when I started to see the hockey jersey fashion trend on a couple of my favorite sexy celeb women I found it cute…in an ironic way. I even thought about getting one for myself.

Though, the thought quickly went away until I noticed the micro street style trend hit the runway. Celine, Louis Vuitton, and Moncler all have versions. Now, I’m sold! I currently have a bid on a kid’s size large red Blackhawks jersey on eBay as we speak. Once I’m done wearing flirty little sporty spice meets Rihanna outfits this Spring I can totally go as Wayne Campbell for Halloween. Party on, y’all!

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