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Tell Us Your Fave R. Kelly Song and WIN A Pair of Passes to Pitchfork 2013

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Tell Us Your Fave R. Kelly Song and WIN A Pair of Passes to Pitchfork 2013

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Festival season is in full effect. With Coachella and SXSW over, we can’t help but look forward to the Chicago-based music giants there will be here in no time.
First up(and our personal favorite) is Pitchfork. A fest that we hold close to heart as it is the first place we took our street style pics almost six years ago!!
This year’s lineup is in-sane. Um, Bjork, Solange, R. Kelly…just to name a few. See the rest below.
Tickets are still available for $50 per day or  $120 for a 3-Day pass(available here) BUT why pay when we want to give you a pair of 3-Day Passes for FREE!!!!
– COMMENT your favorite R. Kelly song. (Then move your body like a snake, ma.)
– FOLLOW @PitchforkFest and @Themidwasteland on Twitter.
– TWEET a link to this post to all your pals for an extra chance to win.

***Winner will be announced  Monday, June 24th 2013 at Noon.***


Björk, Joanna Newsom, Wire, Woods, Mikal Cronin, Angel Olsen, Pissed Jeans, Daughn Gibson, Trash Talk, Frankie Rose
Belle & Sebastian, Solange, The Breeders play Last Splash, Savages, Swans, Rustie, Low, …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, Phosphorescent, Andy Stott, Mac DeMarco, Ryan Hemsworth, Julia Holter, Parquet Courts, Merchandise, Metz, Ken Mode, White Lung
R. Kelly, M.I.A., Yo La Tengo, Lil B, Toro Y Moi, TNGHT, El-P, Killer Mike, Chairlift, Foxygen, Sky Ferreira, Glass Candy, Autre Ne Veut, Evian Christ, Waxahatchee, Blood Orange, DJ Rashad, Tree
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  • Without a doubt, ‘Greatest Sex’ lol Classic song from a classic album (Tp2.COM anyone?!)

  • “Real Talk” because it really describes the hurdles of communication in a relationship. Not to mention all the outside influences that can really seperate you and your ‘gurrrl’ from being on the same page.

  • Hard to choose just one, but I have to go with Down Low. I actually shed a tear watching the music video.

  • “The World’s Greatest” is (one of) my R.Kelly favorite thanks to all the good memories of singing along to it at the end of Oldies Night at The Burlington.

  • duh… the remix to ignition fresh and hot out the kitchen. down low is a close second for many reasons.

  • It is a tie between When a Woman Loves and When a Man Lies. Sorry, they just go together like cookies and cream 🙂 <3

  • Though it may be the freakin’ weekend, and Space Jam may be one of the best soundtracks in the past 25 years, I have to say ‘Feelin’ On Your Booty’ is my fave R. Kelly tune. For a man to craft a song about a booty takes guts. The word ‘booty’ has never been vamped so well in the history of music.

  • Step in the name of love. Blasted it the second my wedding ceremony was over and danced my way out. I also have a very big soft spot for U Saved Me.

  • as a self described foodie and lover of the freak nasty ” Sex in the Kitchen” just gets me.
    “Sex in the kitchen over by the stove Put you on the counter by the buttered rolls Hands on the table, on your tippy toes We’ll be making love like the restaurant is closed.”-R.KELLY

  • “Ignition Remix” possibly the best song ever made let aloe the best R. Kelly song.

  • Gotta be Trapped in The Closet Part IX. Who would forget such a riveting and nuanced plot twist?

  • Its hard to pick ONE favorite R Kelly song when i love everything from Bump and Grid to Feeling on yo Booty, The insperational I beleive I can fly to the dramatic Hip-hop-era Trapped in The Closet, in short I cant pick a favorite because “when a woman loves she lives for real”

  • Can’t believe nobody has picked “Bump ‘N Grind” yet — his first #1 hit and an all-time classic that will never fade away

  • Happy People is definitely my favorite. Reminds me of my freshmen year of high school, my friends I’ve long forgetten and the friends I had yet make.

    Gotta love Bump N’ Grind 🙂

  • There are so many. I love Trapped in the Closet #7. Rosey the Nosey neighbor appears (with a spatula in her hand) and it is a very intense chapter.
    Sex Planet is really beautiful. “Girl I promise this will be painless, painless
    We’ll take a trip to planet Uranus”
    Also very connected to Sweet Tooth, where R Kelly compares a vagina to skittles. “This is for them big girls, smalls girls, tall girls
    And this is for them skinny girls, white girls, black girls
    Don’t matta the color or the nationality
    I got a sweet tooth come and get with me.”
    R Kelly doesn’t discriminate. If you have a vagina, he’s happy. Unity and whatnot.
    I legit think R Kelly is the greatest thing. Everyone always thinks I’m joking since I play the drums and am equally obsessed with Beach House and the Talking Heads.

  • the best r.kelly song is home alone.The video is crazy. It reminds me of one of thoose dope house parties in chicago

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