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{{Fitness}} So What's the Nike+ Fuelband?

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{{Fitness}} So What's the Nike+ Fuelband?

So What's the Nike+ Fuelband?

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For me, being athletic means going to yoga and Pilates a few times a week(month). When summer rolls around, I switch my style up and walk 3-6 miles each day and play in the occasional Badminton tourney. Read:  I hate sweating. Until now, there wasn’t a real way to measure this kind of “exercise”. There are pedometers for pro walkers/old ladies/my step mom and Nike+ for runners. So, where does that leave me?
Thanks to the H.B.I.C’s of sportswear, Nike, that question has an answer. Enter: the Nike+ Fuel band, a sleek, black bracelet which, at the very least,  is a watch, but formost, is a way to help you set, reach, and surpass fitness goals (even for people like me that don’t go to spin class every day).
Last night, I got a first hand look at this innovative product in one of the raddest way possible. Nike Chicago invited myself, along with, some of the city’s most influential DJ’s, musicians, creatives, and media people to an event space. The only thing we knew was that we had to come dressed in the Nike gear they couriered over earlier in the day.
A quick presentation was given about the concept behind the band. At the end, they revealed we’d be testing out the fuel band at Soldier Field. That entailed a motorcade of SUVs shuttling us to the stadium and full hour of play time with Chicago Bear, Robbie Gould. I’m a notorious “I don’t watch (insert sport), I’m a GIRL!” girl but this experience was unbelievable. Before I knew it, I had reached my fuel goal.
Lesson learned: don’t judge sports by their “boring”, testosterone-fueled facade. They’re actually not so bad. And, their plan worked, I’m buying one of these babies to help my ass get in shape for summer/my 30th birthday(O__O).

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