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{{Fitness}} What to Wear to Wicker Park's New Gym
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{{Fitness}} What to Wear to Wicker Park's New Gym

What to Wear to Wicker Park's New Gym

Wicker Park Gym WPAC

Like clockwork every January we become super-stoked on starting a new fitness plan. This time is different because it’s not just because of the goals we set but because we can’t wait to start achieving them in Wicker Parks newest gym, WPAC. If WPAC sounds familiar, it’s because you may have seen their sister clubs – LPAC, WAC, EAC, LVAC, and LSAC, in other neighborhoods around Chicago.
Friends have raved about their facilities and we can’t wait to try them for ourselves. Since they won’t be open until Spring, we’ll have to keep up with our Tracy Anderson DVDs and stock pile new sweats at the winter sales until then.
Here are four pieces (totaling less than $150!) to up your gear game…
1. Nike Women’s Air Alvord 9 Fashion Sneakers, $54.99
2. Forever 21 Drawstring Athletic Jacket in Magenta, $19.80
3. WPAC//1635 Division Ave., Chicago, IL 60622//312.850.4667
4. Old Navy Women’s Molded Active Sports Bra in Warm Smoke Print, $10
5.  Victoria’s Secret Sexy Sport Crop Tight in Black,  $39.99

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