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The Juice Is Loose: How to Survive the BluePrint Cleanse
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The Juice Is Loose: How to Survive the BluePrint Cleanse

The Blueprint Cleanse is a 3-day juice fast comprised of 6 drinks per day. TBH, I tried to do this in 2009 but was not as dedicated to the cause back then. AKA I had a boyfriend who force fed me junk food. But, I digress, this time around I mentally prepped beforehand. Mind over matter. Skipping my morning coffee routine was bound to be the hardest but I knew the payoff would be worth it.
Here’s how it went down…

Day 1

As mentioned, I mentally prepped for Day 1 of the BluePrint Cleanse. It’s a must if you want to make it to Day 3(and beyond). However you choose to do that is on you. For me, I had to remove all bread and pasta from my apartment. I also subbed in a walk around my neighborhood with Juice 1 instead of going to Starbucks. I work from home so I need that morning walk to get my day started. With each passing juice I drank this day, I felt myself concentrating on other things instead of what I wanted to eat. For me, Day 1 was fun and productive. Couldn’t have been more stoked to be on this journey.

Day 2

Day 2 was another story. To be 1000% honest, the mid-fast hump is the hardest. It’s the one where you think, “I did so well day 1 I can cheat just a little”. It’s a true test of will power. My brain was throbbing for the majority of the day. I had to take a nap mid-day to get through it. Luckily, my plans this night were canceled so I stayed in and relaxed…with my juices. u__u

Day 3

If you made it the first two days without actual food and relied completely on your BPC juices for nourishment, the way you feel on Day 3 is like nothing you’ve ever felt before. Your body feels lightweight and “clean”. It’s amazing! After this empowerment sets in, the hardest part is getting through the day without ruining it. To prove to myself I was a strong-ass woman, I went to an alcohol-filled event with my juice in hand that evening. So.effing.hard but I did it. Mission accomplished.


  • You emerge a new woman.
  • Your body feels a renewed sense of energy.
  • Your perspective on eating changes. It helps quell the emotional attachment we have to food and unhealthy routines.


  • It’s not exactly inexpensive at an average of  $12.50 per drink
  • It’s not easy. Will power and pre-planning are a must.
  • Juice 5 with the Beets is not great.

Final Thoughts

This was the first time that I have ever received a constant stream of compliments on my skin and hair. If nothing else, the attention was a great self esteem boost. Seriously though, if you’re ready for a change, hit up the BPC. All ready to do another one, actually. IMHO, BPC, is da bomb.

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