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Ask A Boy! My BFF Answers All Your Burning Questions
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Ask A Boy! My BFF Answers All Your Burning Questions

Ask A Boy! My BFF Answers All Your Burning Questions

Confession: I’m turning 30 this year. I know, grosssss!
J/K, I’m actually kind of excited.
Even though I’m not worried that I’m getting “so old”, I do make want to make the most of my last seven months as a 20-something year old. That’s why I adopted  Y.O.L.O aka You Only Live Once as my mantra for 2012. Yes, like the Drake song.
In my 29 years, I’ve gathered enough wisdom to know that a song by a rapper with a collection of Cosby sweaters can’t be my end-all be-all for making important decisions, so there’s also a Plan B. It’s my BFF, Shiraz. Besides being super-smart, he’s also cute(you may have see him on R29’s hot bachelors list), funny, a radical bassist in a band called, Maps and Atlases, and, most importantly, someone that gives me the honest-to-god’s truth without sugar on top when I ask for it.
Since we’re in this love together, I’ve recruited him to help you YOLO, too!
I’ve asked him share his vast knowledge about dating, boys, relashys, and whatever else with the MidWasteland readers.
Submit your own burning questions for Shiraz to: or Ask Anonymously on our Tumblr and we’ll post the answers in the coming weeks!

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