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For The Boys: All-American Menswear Pops Up in Bucktown at Vintage Smith
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For The Boys: All-American Menswear Pops Up in Bucktown at Vintage Smith

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Think about your favorite menswear blog. Now imagine if  you put the contents of that blog in a storefront. It would have a selection of denim jackets, leather boots, plaid shirts, and some military work-shirts peppered in. All American brands, of course. Your favorite Rolling Stones record would be playing on the phonograph. And, if you needed some outfit inspo, you could flip through the current GQ while you sat on a worn in leather couch drinking a beer.
Making that fantasy into a reality is Vintage Smith. A pop-up shop in Bucktown that carries American-made vintage brands like, Levi’s, LL Bean, Woolrich, amongst others, from the 40s’ to today. Though, you would never guess some of the items are almost sixty years old, as the hand-picked selection looks completely modern. There is small assortment of leather Coach bags for the ladies, too.
Unlike your fave websites, this space only has a lifespan of three months. Vintage Smith plans to fold up in February so get your hands on their best gear sooner rather than later.
Vintage Smith | 2041 N. Damen Ave., Chicago, IL

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