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Eat It: Ramen Noodles Go From Dorm Room to Domesticity
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Eat It: Ramen Noodles Go From Dorm Room to Domesticity

Eat It: Ramen Noodles Go From Dorm Room to Domesticity

8 Ingredients//Under $8//Under 8 minutes to make

As every good freelance writer knows, extravagance isn’t really part of the deal. You spend your dollars where you need to(on clothes) and save it where it’s not as important(on food). That’s why I decided to revisit an old favorite – Ramen Noodles. In college, the 35 cent packages were a staple in everyone’s cupboard. After school, we all ditched them for adult food(pinot grigio). Some years later, after tweaking the recipe, we realize, this cheap eat makes for a damn good(and good for you) meal.

The key to making this carbolicious, sodium-packed snack into one that you can consume on the regular is by cutting down on the bad stuff and adding a ton of healthy ingredients.

1 package of Beef-flavored Ramen
4-6 strip of lean beef
1 small clove of garlic(grated)
1 tablespoon of  ginger(grated)
1 cup of spinach
1 cup of mushrooms
Extra Virgin Olive Oil(use at your discretion)

1. Make Ramen(just follow the instructions on the package!) but only add 1/2 teaspoon of the seasoning when it is called for.
2.  While your water boils, add a few drops of oil to a sautee pan. Once it’s warmed, add your beef and lower the heat. Brown on one side then flip.
3. Add your garlic and  ginger. Mix it up!
4. Add spinach and mushrooms. Mix it up and let sautee. Check on your Ramen. It should be done.
5. Add Ramen broth to your sautee pan. Let it boil.
6. Add all ingredients, including broth, back into your sauce pan.
7. Mix and serve in a bowl.
Time: Less than 10 minutes. Cost: $3.00

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