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For the Boys: Winter Skin Care Tips for the Greasy Guy

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For the Boys: Winter Skin Care Tips for the Greasy Guy


men's winter skin care
If you’re anything like me, Winteris causing you to breakout in such a way that greasy 14-year olds castyou pitying glances. Even if you are going for the I-don’t-give-a-damnmountain man aesthetic, 10 out of 10 girls agree*: embarrassing zitsinvading your face is not cute. Your usual regimen of soap and Clearsil’smen’s line just isn’t cutting it, so winterize your face with the following:
1. Jack Black Beard Lube conditioner($16,
Soften your brittle bristles fora closer, smoother shave. The jojoba, peppermint and eucalyptus in thisformula help hydrate the skin without the heaviness common in regularshave gels—perfect for dry winter days.

2. Burt’s Bees Healthy Healing CarrotNutritive Body Lotion ($10,
Your mom told you to eat your vegetablesbut to rub them on your body? This 99.68% natural lotion utilizes oilfrom carrot seeds, coconuts and sunflowers to soothe and moisturizedry, sun-exposed skin.

3. Lush Coalface ($10.95 for 3 oz,
This badass black bar is much betterfor your sensitive skin than ordinary soap. The charcoal helps to exfoliatedead skin cells and absorb excess oils while the active ingredient,a licorice root decoction, softens and soothes problem skin.

4. Sharps Barber & Shop Oil-freeSPF 15 lotion ($21,
Dry winter days cause your body tooverproduce oil, which in turn clogs your pores. This oil-free lotionhelps to matte oily areas, protect from sun damage and tightens yourskin, preventing future breakouts.

*Operating on the wholy-unscientificassumption that I’m right.

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