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{{Midwest}} Minnesota: (Lake) Superior Shopping

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{{Midwest}} Minnesota: (Lake) Superior Shopping

Shoppers by and large tend to forget about Duluth, one of the largest cities in Minnesota- with its oodles of history and picturesque scenery. Although, I have to admit in such a touristy town it can be difficult to locate the hidden gems in a sea of kitschy shops. The following is a fistful of my favorite stores on the shores of this Lake Superior town, for reference on your next visit north.
Vintage Duluth
There was a time in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries’ when the lumber and mining industries made Duluth the land of millionaires. Thanks to Vintage Duluth, some of their goods have the chance of ending up in your hands.
Vintage Duluth carries a variety of vintage clothing and accessories for both men and women. Make sure to leave no stone unturned in this cozy store that is packed to the brim with covetable merchandise and arranged by decade. Among the goods I last spied were collections of delicate lingerie, vintage feathers, and a fantastic chain maille clutch.
Vintage Duluth | 205 E Superior St | Duluth | (218) 722-1917
Electric Fetus
A popular haunt in Duluth, Electric Fetus boasts a large selection of our favorite local music as well as any other cd you can imagine. Alongside the rows and rows of music are also cases of jewelry and other goods from talented local artists. The last time I stopped in the store I spotted handcrafted beach glass jewelry from the shores of Lake Superior. In fact, during the month of January with their “MinnEconomy†campaign (to showcase Minnesota musicians, artists, and designers) you can check-out a demonstration of the construction of biker-inspired chain pieces by Fred Wuolu and purchase discounted music by Two Beat Band.
Electric Fetus | 12 E Superior St. | Duluth | (218) 722-9970
Bead Harbor
When living in Duluth, I loved stopping into bead stores whenever I was in need of artistic or style inspiration. The colors and textures really ignited my creativity. Now every time I’m back in Duluth I make a point to stop back at Bead Harbor.
They carry a large and easy to browse selection of imported and unique ethnic beads from around the globe. My favorite selections have been their handcrafted African beads as well as their vintage wooden ones. They also tote fabulous Czech and locally blown glass beads, as well as a wide-variety of shell pieces.
Bead Harbor | 1 West Superior St. | Duluth | (218) 727-3397
Andi’s Closet
Combine my two biggest loves: shopping and breweries, and you have Andi’s Closet. Nestled in the old Fitger’s Brewery Complex on the edge of Lake Superior, Andi’s Closet is a trendy oasis in the middle of Duluth.
You can act like a child and bury yourself in the racks of comfy knits by Ella Moss, and BCBG, and find the perfect pair of premium denim from Citizens of Humanity, Hudson, or JBrand in this closet. The store also carries Frye boots and fantastic jewelry and accessories to top off any ensemble. On my last visit, I couldn’t leave for my reservation at the brewery without purchasing a silver and gold studded ring by Joren.
Andi’s Closet | Fitger’s Brewery Complex | 600 E. Superior St. | Duluth | (218) 727-1765
Global Village
Imported goods from Asia, Africa, India, and the Middle East fill Global Village’s shelves in both their Duluth and Minneapolis locations. Global Village is known for house wares that add some spice to your pad and clothing and jewelry to help you channel your inner hippie. The last time I shopped at Global Village a few vintage rings from the Middle East, and plenty of colorful scarves caught my eye.
Global Village | 25 West Superior St. | Duluth | (218) 723-1177
Photo clockwise from top left: The Bead Harbor on cobblestone Superior Street, scarf necklace from Necklush featured at Andi’s Closet, Frye boots from Andi’s Closet, Vintage Duluth, artistic headphones from Electric Fetus, and Muntedkowhai Jewelry featured at Andi’s Closet.

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  • I too have visited many of these stores, and Andi’s Closet was my personal favorite! I was very close to going home with the multi-colored scarf necklace. Electric Fetus is also a favorite of mine, I love to browse through the old school records and take a quick peek at some of their discounted used albums! What a great deal!

  • Thanks so much for including Andi’s Closet. It was a pleasant surprise since I follow your site!
    We’re so glad you liked the shop and had a good experience.

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