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5 Sunglasses to Fantasize About During Your Seasonal Depression
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5 Sunglasses to Fantasize About During Your Seasonal Depression

chicago street style fashion blog

Chicago Street Style fashion blog

Not that I’m counting or anything but there are approximately 72 days left until Spring…I’m not even going to tell you how many there are until Summer.
Fine, I AM counting. I hate this weather! And, because I’m a masochist, I started looking at to browse the women’s sunglasses I’ll be able to wear again once the sky stays light past, say, 4:30pm.
It pained me at first but, ultimately, took me down from the seasonal depression induced ledge I’ve climbed up on after New Year’s Eve. Made me start thinking about the trips I should take in the interim(Hiking in LA? Surfing in Costa Rica? Beaching out in Talum?) and FESTIVAL SEASON, my favorite time of year.
So, yeah, winter isn’t so bad when you put it in those terms, right???!
If you’re feelin’ it, too, here are…
1. BCBGMAXAZRIA Swank, $129
2. Chloe CL 2247, $117
3. VonZipper Luna, $80
4. Vince Camuto VC 544, $75
5. Derek Lam Audra, $275

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