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Reality Check – Thoughts on Turning 30

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Reality Check – Thoughts on Turning 30

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When I was little girl I couldn’t wait to be 30. 27, actually. That was my magic number. Regardless, I wanted to grow up as fast as I could.
In my naive, little mind, that was the year that I would get engaged, married, and have two babies. My JFK Jr.-looking husband and I would be millionaires who drove around Hollywood in our green Jaguar convertible, when I wasn’t busy being a professional comedienne.

What can I say, I was always very ambitious….and imaginative.

While I am nowhere near marriage or a bank account with six zeros, my life is pretty okay. I have a fun job that allows me a relaxed schedule and gives me the opportunity to play with clothes, express my opinions, hang out with awesome people, drink free, meet celebs, and go to cool parties. Can’t be mad at that. Even though I may have made some “wrong choices” along the way, I still ended up here, where I belong, living a life I designed for myself. Not many can or (ever do) say this.

Like, one time, I fell asleep outside. In the middle of December. On a street corner. True story. And, I AM ALIVE!

Not only am I alive but I am a living, breathing 30-year-old woman thriving in one of the nation’s largest cities. I feel like I reached the top of Mount fucking Everest and am looking back on my path with 20/20 vision. A lot of SMHs and Ah ha’s happening.
Before I got there though, I was warned to brace myself because it was going to be scary because it’s the moment you finally realize how old you’re getting. Those a-holes were wrong. This is THE Best I’ve ever felt. It only took me 30 years but I can finally say OUTLOUD – I love my not-perfect face, my curvy body, my insanely-active brain, and the weird shit I do in my apartment when I’m alone. All the things that made me insecure in my adolescence and throughout my twenties seemed magnified and now give me confidence that I’m a cool woman with a lot going for her. (You reading this: You probably are, too! I can only hope you find this place.)
Now that I reached this point, I feel a need to reach another level. The one that prepares me for my 40s. That one is a real “Oh fuck”. In the next 10 years, I’m going to get married, have a baby, buy a home, and most-definitely many other adult activities that seem anxiety-inducing at the moment.
To give me a push, I’ve decided to challenge myself to “30 days of being 30”, using December to get a jump on the goals I have prepared for next year. You heard me right –  GOALS not resolutions. This month I’ll be changing the way I view fashion, beauty, health, careerlifestyle, and dating(ugh).
Hope you will follow along with me on this personal journey and we can all learn a little something(at my expense) to make 2013 the BEST.YEAR.EVER!!!

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