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From Bralets to Bold Bottoms – 5 Spring Trends to Steal from a Topshop Stylist

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From Bralets to Bold Bottoms – 5 Spring Trends to Steal from a Topshop Stylist

From Bralets to Bold Bottoms - 5 Spring Trends to Steal from a Topshop Stylist

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Regardless of which climate you reside in, April universally marks the arrival of Spring, Mother Earth’s most bipolar season. From Portland to Manhattan, we all experience an abrupt mix of warm breezes and rainy days. While the wishy-washy conditions are less than endearing, the bright side is three perfect months that makes life worth living in Chicago.
To get us through the bleak days ahead and prepare us for patio-weather and poker games, we asked local stylist(and Midwasteland contributor) Diana Tran to give us a round up of her favorite Spring trends. As Mananger of Personal Shopping at Topshop’s Chicago store, she has an inside view on what’s hot in the Windy City right now.


What’s Under There? Underwear. | Shy girls need need not apply. Brassy babes everywhere are trading in their blouses for a poker Barbiestyle and risque bralettes. Paired with a high-waisted bottom, anyone can get away with this super-sexy style. 
1. Neoprene Crop Bralet. 2. Lace Crop Bralet. 3. Petite Cutout Swan Bralet.
When I Dip, You Dip, We Dip. | Hemlines are having a schizophrenic moment. They aren’t high or low, they’re both! Known as a “dip” or “mullet”, you can have the best of both worlds with this trend. It’s all party in the front and business in the back. 
1. Floral Drop Back Shirt. 2. Shimmer Pleat Dip Hem Skirt. 3. Fishtail Top.
The Last Don |  In the 80s Sonny Crocket from “Miami Vice” was our number one crush. Flash forward 20 years and that crush-worthy tv cop has gone from studmuffin to style icon. Add his signature white blazer to your wardrobe and  **poof** you’re cool. 
1. Textured Slash Sleeve Blazer. 2. Ponte Boyfriend Blazer.
Bottoms Up | Leave the denim for your top half and dare to get wild with your pants and skirts. Prints, pops of color, and shine will take your style game to another level.  
1. Aztec Knicker Shorts. 2. Wide Leg Trousers. 3. Pearl Bead Pelmet Skirt.
Let It Mellow | “Color” is buzz word this spring. Not just one, all of them. But, we think yellow is the perfect shade to don on the days when sunshine is nowhere to be found.
1. Maria Yellow Eva Sole Loafers. 2. French Earrings. 3. Scarf Leggings.

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