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Chicago Street Style: Tie-ing It Up In the West Loop
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Chicago Street Style: Tie-ing It Up In the West Loop

chicago street style fashion blog

chicago street style fashion blogAlden Alexander, 27

“Annie Hall” is one of our favorite movies of all time. For many reasons but mostly because of what Diane Keaton’s character did for women’s style. The iconic androgynous wardrobe gave women the green light to add menswear into their closets. While we are lucky that movie opened this door, it is a trend that is all-too-easy to go overboard with. Which means, if done wrong, an uncomfy time is had by all. Remember Celine Dion’s backwards tuxedo?
It’s all about moderation and proportion which is why we love Alden’s Chicago Street Style look. She paired two very masculine pieces – a tie and moto boots – with a neon yellow cardi, chambray button down, and skinny jeans for the perfect urban tomboy outfit.
So, what do you think? Ties on girls – “Yes, sir!” or “NO, boys only!”…??
Reader Submitted Photo by: James Goeke

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