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Meet Franki Elliot, Author of “Piano Rats”

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Meet Franki Elliot, Author of “Piano Rats”

Bukowski As A Babe: 10 Facts About Franki Elliot, Author of "Piano Rats"

It’s hard to imagine where we would be if we never picked up a copy of “Hot Water Music”(and every other drug, alcohol, and real-life laced book) in high school. Straight edge? Working in corporate America? M…arried? But, we did. So, unlike our “normal” counterparts, we went to art school, became “entrepreneurs”, and continue to date le worst men on Earth. We might not have newborns and new homes to brag about but we have a hell of a lotta cool stories to tell.

Enter: Sharyn Goldyn also known by her nom de plume, Franki Elliot. A girl after our own heart.

To the naked eye, she’s a regular girl with a super-cool job(She’s an agent at Windish!) but underneath that music-loving layer are deep thoughts about every awkward experience she encounters. She shares those moments in her very first book, Piano Rats. A collection of poetry and prose on topics like, sex, sadness, and falling in and out of love. Stuff we can all relate to.

Just like Bukowski and those other authors did for us years ago, Franki’s honest words will do for all the girls after us who don’t want to just be. Feeling inspired? Us, too! We asked the freshman author what she’s listening to right now(since that’s kind of her area of expertise), what she thought she would be when she grew up, and most importantly, what she’s lusting after this fall!

Name, Age: Sharyn Goldyn aka Franki Elliot, 27
Sign: Capricorn (I’m a New Years baby)
Home town: Munster, Indiana
Occupation: Junior Agent who assists with booking tours for bands(I am very lucky I get to work with some of my favorite bands as my career.)
Chicago Neighborhood: Wicker Park
What’s on your playlist(Listen along on Spotify)

  • Gotye – “Somebody that I used to know
    Absolutely obsessed. I’ve listened to that song at least 100 times.
  • Zola Jesus
  • Wu Lyf
  • Metronomy
  • The Naked And Famous
  • Hanni El Khatib
  • Portishead – “Roseland NYC Live”
    I saw  them live last week so I can’t stop playing it. 

Style icon
Lykke Li. She’s gorgeous in a moody way and her concerts scream sex appeal without trying too hard like most pop stars.

What did 7 year old you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to be a magazine editor. I used to make my own magazines in elementary school with loose leaf paper and colored pencils.

Dream date
Either James Franco as Allen Ginsberg in the movie “Howl” (but straight) or Andrew Bird which is totally Chicago-cliche but I play violin and love him.

You can add one amazing piece to your fall wardrobe. Anything! What is it?
I’m dying for a pair of Frye [Melissa Button Back Zip, $328] boots. I found a really nice alternative from ASOS [KATE Leather Long Leg Zip Buckle Pull On Boot, $130.95] which sold out right away and after stalking the website everyday, these babies are finally being shipped to me.

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  • How do you like the ASOS Kate Leather Long Leg Zip boots? How do they fit. I am and 8.5 and they have 8 or 9, I just checked and they are out of 8. Would you recommend getting them, they look really cute?

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