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How To: Steal Beyonce's Bombshell Look from “Why Don’t You Love Me?”
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How To: Steal Beyonce's Bombshell Look from “Why Don’t You Love Me?”

As a die hard fan of the pin-up look, Beyonce’s new video “Why Don’t You Love Me?” got my panties all up in a twist. If catty eyes and luscious lips are your thing, too, here are five products to bump up your bombshell quotient and get you Bey’s Bettie Page-inspired look.

Once you have them all on, start dancing around in your undies andgardening in your heels to get the full effect.

1. Benefit’s Babe Cake Eyeliner, $22 – Hands down, the BEST liner on the market for a precise cateye.

2. Chanel Nouvelle Vague Nail Polish, $40 – A matte blue-green that will pop on every skin tone.  For a cheaper alternative, try China Glaze’s For Audrey, $6.

3. Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Silver Plum, $5 – A pearlescent purple lip color that will compliment will perfectly compliment a pair of white sunnies.

4. Satin Side Bow Headband, $4 – Sweet yet seductive, every good pin-up needs her hairbow.

5.Remington Solutions Ionic Hot Rollers, $19 – The unsung hero of every great ‘do.

Side note: I’m down with everything in this video except thesmoking!  Get yourself some Nicoderm CQ and quit now!  Maybe THAT is why he doesn’t love you, B…

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