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What To Wear: Valentine's Day

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What To Wear: Valentine's Day

What To Wear: Valentine's Day

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CLOCKWISE FROM TOP RIGHT: Michael Kors Gold Watch, $225; Felix Rey Grace Sequin Bow Clutch, $145; Elizabeth and James Open-Back Luna Dress, $375; Burberry Prorsum Trench; and Urban Outfitters Sheer Tights.)
Candy hearts, trips to Hallmark, and digging through your drawers for the “special underwear;” it’s apparently that time of year again. Lucky that the snow has decided to fall upon us days before Valentine’s Day, no?  If you are knee-deep in love (and snow), these simple tips will help you put together this year’s outfit.
Dress: We all know men love to see a little skin, but not when you are overtly busting out. Remember the 40% skin rule and flash just the right amount skin, enough for a little mystery. Try a  long sleeve one-shoulder dress or an open-back mini dress. And since everyone thinks it’s so cliche to wear red on Valentine’s Day, why not be “that girl” and pick a vibrant color like day-glo pink to stand out from the veritable oceans of LBDs?
Tights: Save the gams for later in the night. Although you slaved in the shower shaving your legs, your date doesn’t want to see your goosebumped legs during dinner. Put on a simple pair of sheer black tights that show off your stems while still being a tad demure.
Accessories: I for one love tons and tons of jewelry, but since this is supposed to be a somewhat “romantic” night, leave the jingling bracelets and gaudy necklaces at home. You don’t want your accessories to be a distraction. It is a night about romance, not how much noise you can make when you move. Try out a menswear inspired watch so you know when to book it for dessert and opt for a flashier mini clutch or, my new fave, a small jeweled coin purse if you are looking for a little something to make your outfit pop.
Shoes: Last I checked, it wasn’t fun to trudge through the snow in a pair of pumps. Instead put on a pair of ankle booties. You wont have to worry about cold feet AND you still get to flash some calf. Let’s just assume there will be about 4 inches of snow; don’t forget to put on a pair of non-slip grips!
Coat: Last but not least…THE COAT! Let’s not pretend your mini bomber coat is going to keep you warm, but don’t crank out that parka you love oh-so-much either. Instead, grab your winter trench from your closet, pull out the waist belt and replace it with you favorite, large-buckled vintage belt. It’s a simple way to turn the old into the new and interesting. Remember to keep the coat long: it serves for a more intense POW moment when you take it off to reveal your dress.

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