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Scarf It Up: Hermes Makeshift Mane-do

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Scarf It Up: Hermes Makeshift Mane-do

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Let’s face it, at this point in the season we are all sick of bundling up and winding bulky scarves around our necks.

Enter Hermes’ new do-it-yourself hair-do featuring silk scarves.
Former Midwesterner Karlie Kloss models the latest DIY style we can borrow from luxury houses, via a HermÄs spring advertisement. The look can be adopted by intertwining colored or patterned scarves into your hair to add a jolt of color and interest to any outfit.

Of course most people’s HermÄs scarves are more likely to be discovered in the bins at Goodwill, vintage stores, or their grandmother’s closet, but what’s the difference?

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