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How To: Dress For Sunday Brunch
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How To: Dress For Sunday Brunch

Every Saturday night, Americans across the country prepare themselves for their favorite meal of the week, Sunday brunch. They do this with great vigor. Downing shots of Jameson and Patron. Shotgunning cans of PBR. Sipping flutes full of Champy. Whatever your poison, there’s no doubt you’re feeling it the next day.

Most of us get out of bed and put on the first thing we see or even worse, a sweat suit.

Here are 3 simple fashion solutions care of our partnership with Pivot Boutique to help you nurse that hangover in style.

1. Put on a shirt!

If you had a good night, it’s most likely that you woke up naked. Therefore, first things first, find a shirt and no, it can’t be the one you wore last night. Drawing a blank. Put on a basic tank or button down. If it’s chilly, finish the look with a cute fitted blazer.

Our Pivot Picks: Vintage Blazer in off-white (sz. medium), $65; Kate Henley Tank in red, $31; Vintage Plaid Button-up (sz. small), $45; Walnut Necklace, $40; Urban Legend Necklace, $56

2. Um, pants would be a good idea, too.

Once you have your top half figured out, move on to bottoms. Throw on your favorite pair of jeans. If you want to class it up, impress your friends(or the guy/gal laying next to you) put on a skirt.

Our Pivot Picks: Good Society Jeans, $66; Vintage Skirt in white (sz. Small), $50, Vintage leather belt in brown (sz. Small/Medium), $50

3. Hide the evidence.

Again, if your night was good, there’s no doubt you have the evidence to prove it. If you got a hickey from a hot guy at Bar Deville, show it off. Just kidding! Conceal it, IMMEDIATELY! After doing so, put on a necklace. It might not detract from the situation but, hey, at least it will make you feel pretty. Beer bloat? At the time, baggy probably seems like the best solution but remember, we’re trying to pull it together today. Nip your waist with a belt. I swear it’ll do the trick. Lastly and most importantly, depuff and conceal the luggage from last night under your eyes. Ya know, those big, black circles. Throw on your biggest pair of sunglasses, grab a bottle of water and go.

Our Pivot Picks: Vintage Sunglasses, $40

See how easy that was?!

From Saturday’s worst to Sunday’s best in no time. Now, all you have to do is remember these simple steps every weekend. If you can do that, you’ll never have to do the walk of shame again. Well, metaphorically speaking, that is.

Visit Pivot Boutique and shop the looks at 1101 West Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607.

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