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Beauty Mark: Prime Time

When I was younger I’d read Allure and Seventeen and wonder how all of the models’ eye makeup looked so good. How their greens were so green and blues were so blue and even their neutrals looked so much better than mine ever did. And I’m (kind of) not embarrassed to say I spent a lot of Friday nights, either alone or with girlfriends, just doing makeup, trying to figure it out, trying to duplicate what we saw but could never quite get it right.
And then I discovered, hello, there is this thing called eyeshadow primer and it’s the greatest thing in the entire world. This is because not only does it make your eye makeup last longer and doesn’t make your eyeshadow crease but it neutralizes the color of your eyelid (covers the imperfections, veins, redness) to let the true color of the shadow show.
A tried and true eyeshadow primer is 1. Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($17 at most beauty stores). Ladies love this stuff. It comes in a tube and has a wand for quick application. It’s easily spreadable but it only comes in one color.
Personally, my vote is for 2. MAC’s Paint Pot ($16.50 at department or MAC stores). It comes in a little tub (or pot) and the consistency is much thicker and stickier than Urban Decay’s, which makes it easier for the eyeshadow to stay on the lid. It comes in many colors so you can match your skin tone more accurately, creating a great base for any shadow.
Other popular primers include 3. Benefit’s F.Y. Eye ($22), Sephora’s Eye Primer Pot ($8), and 4. Too Faced Insurance ($17). 5. L’oreal also has Decrease (about $4) which you can pick up at most drug stores. If you like experimenting with makeup and like to wear a lot of different looks, I’d definitely splurge on one of the high-end primers. If you’re more of a classic girl, I’d give any of them a try. Notice the difference it makes come happy hour when you don’t even know if you are, but your eyeshadow’s ready to party.

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