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Fanned Fascinator at Elegant Mr. Gallery


chicago street style and fashion blog
chicago street style and fashion blog

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  • Love this look — very smart. Love the Peacock blue Fan hat. adorable. However, I could live without the red moon boots. That’s just me though.

  • FANtastic. Definitely check those red boots. I think a sleek black boot would finish the outfit off much better since there is already so much going on.

  • i love it. the mix of patterns and the red white and blue color scheme gives me the spins in the best possible way.

  • wow! risky – but with great payoff…

    whodathunk floral and plaid would work together so beautifully?

  • wow!!
    That was really cool!!
    I just love those stuff,specially the one that’s on the head the blue one.and the shirt that has a very beautiful blue flowers.I love the combination..=)

  • If this is considered fashionable then Chicago fashion is pretty bad. At least NYC knows what they are doing.

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