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TV-in-a-Bag: The most useless thing I've seen all day.
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TV-in-a-Bag: The most useless thing I've seen all day.

Oh man. I see a lot of really hideous stuff on a daily basis, what with all my internet trolling, but this is truly in a league of its own. It’s like someone thought, “I love ugly patent-pleather purses in unflattering and unstylish colors…but I also love to show television to everyone I know….hmm.”  How does one use a Bagtv, you might ask?

Well, here’s their suggestion:
“Hang it on the back of the loo door and catch up on Sex and City, showoff your latest pics to the gals down the pub or simply chill out tosome tunes on the tube home. I promise, no one will look at youstrangely as you plug yourself in and stare at your handbag. Well nomore than usual.”

Please, do not carry this bag. They are lying to you. People will look at you strangely. Do not buy this bag. Do not pretend you are being ironic and hilarious because you will be neither. Unless, of course, the video screen is playing old Spice Girls music videos on loop. Then it’s only vaguely entertaining.

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