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Politics: Rachel Maddow Wears Chucks
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Politics: Rachel Maddow Wears Chucks

I love Rachel Maddow. Everything. Her strong personality, wit, intelligence and most recently, her style. I first became a fan when I started following the 2008 presidential campaign on MSNBC, the station on which her eponymous show airs. It was there that I became intrigued with her persona, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized I liked her style.
On her show, she is ever-decked in professional gear but off set she’s kind of a hipster. I figured out her little secret when I saw her as a guest on a talk show. The usually power-suited Maddow was in jeans, a tee, “hipster glasses” and chucks. It showed me that she was real and even better, it proved that the face behind the news of our generation REALLY is changing.
Today, I caught yet another glimpse of Maddow’s sense of style. This time, it was through a photo of her in a Vogue spread, featuring female TV broadcasters. And while she did pose in a suit(slim fit, modern, and Jil Sander, none the less), she didn’t fail to accessorize with her signature “hipster glasses” and chucks (a collaborative effort with the stylist, I assume). Thus proving, once again, that she can, she did, and she will!

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