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RECYCLED FASHION: 16 Fashion Do's…

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RECYCLED FASHION: 16 Fashion Do's…

I found my old Teen Works binder!
Do any of you remember Teen Works, the subscription service that sent monthly inserts, about stuff like relationships, recipes and beauty, and also gave you a big, white binder to keep it all in???
Well, I found my old one and realized how relevent the fashion section is for fashionistas today. Obviously we all know there’s a 90’s revival going on in the fashion industry and where better to get 90’s fashion tips than a fashion binder straight out of my 90’s childhood. All the girls on the inserts look like someone we know. Seriously, they’re all wearing fedoras, keffiyahs and Doc Martin’s.
I’ll be posting a new section each week. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do/did!

90's hipster fashion do's
90's hipster fashion do's

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  • Yes, Teen Works! I think I still have mine stashed in my parents’ basement with my Sassy mags. I studied those like crazy… looking forward to future posts.

  • I Have a Teen Works binder from the late 80s, which has fashion advice that includes many-layered shirts and socks, and a description of how to make leg warmers… I wonder if they reused the advice on teh back and simply inserted new photos? I will have to compare what you’ve posted with what I have!

  • WOW! i just googled teen works because i am dying to find someone who will sell me theirs…my cousin gave me hers when she was a teen and i was around 10…i remember STUDYING it and waiting for the day i would be old enough to apply the advice. the memories….that binder is one of my favorite childhood possessions. the sad thing is my sister took it from me and i’ve never seen it again! if anyone knows of a way to buy one please email me! and you are so right – the fashions are totally still relevant.

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