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The International Academy's IMAGINE Student Fashion Show

When I think of cars, fashion definitely isn’t the next thing that comes to mind(and vice versa).
So, when I was invited to the International Academy’s GM sponsored, IMAGINE fashion show, I was a little wary. It sounded like it would be weird, corporate and much less creative than the fashion shows I usually go to, but I figured, “What the hell”.
I mean, if anything, I knew I would be pumped full of wine and cheese before the show started, so it wouldn’t be a total loss…right?
iadt_3.jpgAt the event, I was ushered down to the main room where GM had set up their strangest, most futuristic cars. Each was equipped with its own model dressed in a garment representative of the vehicle. Ummm, OK, boring.
Then I saw a huge sign that read, VIP, so I blew in there to get the party started. The crowd was an eclectic mix of young and old, kind-of-fashionable and very unfashionable(but you know Chicago, it is what it is).
I took a few pics and ate every last piece of tiramisu off the buffet.
Once the VIP reception was over, we went into another room to view the show.
I was immediately impressed!The stage, the lighting, the seating arrangement…everything looked really professional. The show ended up being surprisingly good. It was only mildly corporate and the creativity flowed (as you’ll see below in the slide show).
Though, my only complaint was the number of looks. The 40 minute show lacked fluidity and was jam packed with collections, as well as, contest and scholarship winners, so it got a little confusing to keep up with.
Nonetheless, the talent on stage was very promising.
Viva Chicago!


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