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The Freaks Come Out at Night: Halloween 2k7

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The Freaks Come Out at Night: Halloween 2k7

I somehow got roped into going to a dance party in Boystown for part of my Halloween festivities.
Oh wait, I know how it happened.
I went to Sub T for a Flosstradamus show but got turned away, as did many other regulars to their events. Apparently, the barely legals and 30-something, yuppie guys in line, had beat us to the punch and pre-bought tickets online, which sold out the venue.
The change of plans took us across the city to Town Hall Pub, where I found Ronald and Fancy, amongst a sea of trannies and fighting lesbians.


This high heeled Ronald McDonald sprayed everyone in his path with red glitter, from his ketchup bottle, of course, and wore “cancer babies” on his fry holster.


When asked what her costume was she said, “Fancy”. Duh, that totally makes sense. But seriously, the jacket she had on was vintage Saks Fifth Avenue and completely amazing.
Right after leaving the party, I found this nice “lady” walking the streets in a very unique costume. I had no clue that this is what a “Sexy Little Bride” looked like. I guess we all know now.


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  • Hey, I took a look at your vintage site . . . I really like it! If you’re selling off of your own site rather than Ebay that’s the best idea, since Ebay rips off its sellers and pretty much knocks them around. It’s the worst.

    The pictures are good too–especially that you have a mannequin. And the purses are amazing!

    PS, I’m jealous you got to spend Halloween in Boy’s Town! And that girl’s jacket . . . you should have stolen it.

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