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Diamonds and Pearls
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Diamonds and Pearls

As 20-something fashionistas the only things on our minds are the September issue of Vogue, what colors are in for fall and how we’re going to afford our credit card bill after that new pair of Louboutons.
As time goes on, those things become less important and we begin to care more about fashionable strollers instead of shoes and Botox instead of bare minerals…or do we?
Today I spotted two geriatric fashion plates that made me hope I still value my personal style in 50 years as much as I do today.

First of all, she had crimped hair and second of all she had a (fake) diamond studded, Chanel choker on – I love that idea.

Honestly, I know this lady is off her rocker but in person she is a total show stopper.
Her hair was cut to perfection and straight out of the 20’s.
I fucking LOVE pearls so I thought her choker was awesome.
I know, I know, her sweater coat is a little wild but I think it fit her personality.

Obviously, I meet a lot of people on the street, some rude and some nice. Most of the time, people wonder why I’d even want to take their picture but these two women had no qualms. They started to pose the minute I came up to them. To me, THAT IS STYLE.

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  • I love the second lady!

    If you were to ever end up doing another street style blog for Chicago geriatrics I’d be the happiest person on earth.

  • Now these ladies have style, especially the second one. I like that you don’t only capture the boring trendy people!

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