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I can tell…you’re not from around here.

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I can tell…you’re not from around here.

Let me start by admitting that I have ADD.
In any given conversation, my eyes and mind never stop wondering to the next best thing.
So, with that in mind, I was in mid conversation, doing my ADD driven environment scan, when I saw a guy walking toward my friend and I.
In the matter of seconds I thought to myself, “Is that Gideon Yago? No, it can’t be. Where is he any way? That guy is definitely not from around here.”
I rudely interrupted my friend to yell, “Hey! You! Yea, YOU!â€
The guy stops and I ask to take his picture. When he agreed, my second question was, “Where are you from?” He bashfully answered, “Melbourne”.
Just as I suspected, he’s foreign. The good ones usually are.

Louie Melbourne, Australia
The Look:
Graphic Band T.
Perfectly baggy trousers.
Old school Adidas ‘Shell Toes’.DSC02065
I’m not one for graphic OR band T’s but I think this is adorably hilarious.

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