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Making My Dreams A Hashtag Reality
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Making My Dreams A Hashtag Reality

February holds a lot of meaning for me…

For most people, myself included, it signifies celebration: the home stretch before Spring starts (37 days!), Valentine’s Day, and the crown gem of awards season, the Oscars.  On top of all that impending daylight, love, and celeb style, the yearly marker that looms over my head the most is my half birthday.
When I was a kid everyone in school got a cake on their special day. Since my real celebration is in the summer, I always just got a hat tip on February 9th. That :::traumatic::: memory must forever be imprinted in my mind because whenever the time comes around I innately tend to reflect on the previous six months as well as think about what I have to look forward to for the next six.
When Proflowers asked me to share a moment I’d be celebrating this month for their #WelcomeToWinning campaign, it felt like the perfect time to fete something I’ve been working on for a while.

Last October I started Hashtag Lifestyle, a social media marketing and influencer relations consultancy that connects luxury brands to affluent millennials. I had the domain name for years and recently acquired the LLC. It was a change that was a long time coming and as any startup founder knows, it was not an easy one.

The thing that kept me moving forward was the gut feeling that every single thing I had ever done in my life had led me to this point. My street style photography, fashion blogging, and consulting for brands, along with my rollercoaster of a move to NYC (that only recently became stable), working for and getting laid off from a startup, and finally my year as a Social Media Director at a public relations agency.

I’ve had a lot of dream jobs. Actually, all of my jobs have been “dream jobs” but, this is the first time in my life that I have popped up every morning excited to conquer the day. Whether that means spending the day in-office with a client, meeting up with bloggers for coffee, or writing a strategy from the comfort of my bed – I’m ecstatic. Are there bumps in the road? Sure. Not having a group of co-workers around to bounce ideas off of can get a little lonely at times. In those moments, I usually jump on my Classpass app and for an hour. I’ve lost eight pounds since I left the corporate world so I think this strategy is working.

My other go-to – a bottle of champagne and some fresh flowers. If you only take one thing from this, it’s that bubbles and blooms make EVERYTHING feel alright. But, also, following that guiding voice inside your head is a pretty good takeaway, too. 😉

Hope you’ll all raise a glass and SHARE in the comments below what you will be toasting to this month…or over the next six.
Cheers! xo

Photography: Rebekah Schott 

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