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Make A Beauty Editor Your BFF For $20 a Month. Don't Mind If We Do!

Make A Beauty Editor Your BFF For $20 a Month. Don't Mind If We Do!

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When it comes to makeup, I am an idiot. I can style a runway show blindfolded and then photograph it with my hands tied behind my back. Put me in front of a beauty counter and I revert into the tomboy who wore brown lipstick…with braces. Not cute.
J. Lo’s MAC Spice lip liner/Lip Glass gloss combo nudged me into the “high-end” makeup world in my early 20’s. Though, it wasn’t until I became a blogger, years later, that I finally ditched all of my Covergirl. Okay, most of it. Beggers(and bloggers) can’t be choosers, which means, the products I try aren’t always me. I’m glad I get to write about them for my readers but, when I want to take a leap from my beauty regimen, whose got my back??
Enter my new friends at Birchbox, the subscription service that has the answer to my beauty woes. Fellow clueless girls, listen up! Think of Birchbox as your new Beauty Editor BFF. They sort through the millions of products coming out every day to find the best emerging beauty and grooming products to fit your lifestyle. Every month you get a nice little present from her(er, them) with brand new, full-size products to put in your arsenal.  Pretty sure even the natural-born glamour-girls/lucky b—hes will be impressed with Bitchbox’s batch of prime-pickins.
Only catch, you have to pay for her frienship($20 a month) but we think that’s better than accidentally almost wearing “Iced Mocha” again.

*****WIN A 3 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION! Comment below with your favorite beauty product by Friday June 28th, 2013 at 11:59pm CST. Winner will be picked at random and announced on Monday July 2nd. *****

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