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New Music: Our Top 3 Indie Album Releases of 03.30
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New Music: Our Top 3 Indie Album Releases of 03.30

Are you ready for some new music? Here are The MidWasteland’s Top 3 Indie Album Releases for the week of 03.30. Let us know what you think in the comments.

erykah badu album reviewErykah BaduNew Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh The sultry soul of Miss Badu is as prevalent as ever on her fifth studio album. Continuing to go above and beyond with her music, she shed her clothes on the streets of Dallas during the video shoot for “Window Seat“. Badu ended her jaunt in the buff at the site of Kennedy’s assassination, proving that she is still one bad ass broad. Her unmistakable throaty voice vibrates throughout the funk and jazz infused record, always moving back to her roots. “Agitation” clocks in at a short minute and thirty three seconds, but delivers big with a tight groove and electric blips like a radar. This is a dynamic must-buy album for Summer 2010.

the bamboos album reviewThe Bamboos4
This funk from down under comes out with a bang, sounding more like a sunny day in Miami Beach with its Cuban Afro-Beat flavor spicing up the joint. The Melbourne based Bamboos may have found a time capsule on this record, going from 70’s funk to Doo-wop on “You Ain’t No Good” with everything in between that makes you get off your ass and shake it without embarrassing yourself. The track “Up On The Hill” even rolls in with sitar over a solid drum and bass lick. From beginning to end you’ll feel the energy and have a good damn time to boot.

jon spencer album reviewJon Spencer Blues ExplosionDirty Shirt Rock ‘N’ Roll: The First Ten Years [Explicit]This is not anything special. I’ll get that out of the way. It’s not bad, but I’ve heard all this before while drinking $2 Bud Lights in every townie bar in the country. If you like garage- influenced blues and not too caught up in your own pretension, it may be your thing. All that said, I can think of ten other blues bands I’d rather get down to between shots of Old Grand Dad.

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