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Kell on Earth: Awwwwkward…

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Kell on Earth: Awwwwkward…

For all that technology has given us (the Interwebs, YouTube, iPhones [and subsequently, the NSFW Guys with iPhones]), I have yet to find a decent site to stream TV episodes. Namely, a site that properly streams Kell on Earth. I mean, what the hell, Hulu? You can only show me 22 minutes of a 45 minute episode? Note to Bravo: Get with the times and stream your shows with halfway decent software instead of the NetZero-worthy shiz you’ve got now. That said, I was only able to watch said 22 min. of last night’s haps. Sorry folks; broke blogger = half-recaps. But I digress.
Last night’s episode of Kell was a meltdown of loveliness. In short, there was a whole lot of awkward.
Firstly, Stefanie Skinner whines about a ton of work she has on her plate. Like, Emily comes at her with, like, angry words and Skinner runs outside to, like cry. And then she learns how to make a list! Screw technology; give me a pen and paper any day. The PR girls are my idols.
Moving on, Kelly and Andrew M. totally try to tag team a hot-ish tank-topped-bicycle-riding-photographing-New-York hipster. The point? To get Andrew M. a date/laid. Did it work? Laughably, no: dude was totally with girlfriend (though frankly, I find that hard to believe; he had my gaydar pinging like crazy). Funny stuff.
And what about Tandrew’s blind date? There was an awkward word association game that netted sexy results. Although I must say, who doesn’t know what a spork is? Moreover, who the hell calls it a foon? Just stop talking, Tandrew and date guy; give me more Kelly. Oh, look, it’s her and Andrew M., arriving just in time to add some more awkward into the mix! You ain’t getting no play tonight, Tandrew. Lo siento.
Meanwhile… (cue star-wipe/Batman transition music) Emily and Skinner host Ina Men’s party. As they meet-and-greet editors and the like, they run out of tequila. Ahhh hell no; it’s the only thing keeping people mildly interested. Emily gets on the case, Skinner watches in amazement, both realize their diffs and hug it out.
Scenes from next week: breakdowns, responsibilities and…Andrew M. with a haircut? Good god, I hope so.

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  • Sometimes they load them on Bravo, but I download the episodes on iTUNES. It sucks to pay, but its not that expensive for a season pass.

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