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Beauty Mark: 5 Looks from the New "Alice In Wonderland" to Inspire Your Beauty Routine

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Beauty Mark: 5 Looks from the New "Alice In Wonderland" to Inspire Your Beauty Routine

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People have been excited about seeing Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland since the images of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter hit theinternet last year.  And while Tim Burton is a genius, let’s not forgetthe makeup department (20+ people) for making his visions come to life.
You might not want to walk out of your house with The Red Queen’s eyebrows but steal her precious pout or other choice looks from the whimsical cast and you’ll surely be touted as a (beauty) queen yourself!
* Mad Hatter – Part insane, part heroin chic.  To achieve awearable version of his crazy eyes, try Urban Decay’s Matte Eyeshadow in Cult ($17), adeeply pigmented matte purple, or NYX 3 Color Eyeshadow Trio #6 ($5).
* White Queen – A strong brow can actually be very stunning when youhave the right tools.  Try Tarte’s EmphasEYES for Brows ($19) for everyday and Anastasia’s Brow Ex-Press ($38), complete withstencils for a stand-out look.
* Red Queen – The Red Queen is known for, what else, her red lips(although that eyeshadow’s pretty fierce).  MAC’s Ruby Woo Lipstick ($14) is a classic with abluer undertone while NARS Lipstick in Fire Down Below ($24) will give you more of a blood-stained look.
* Alice – Every heroine has great hair and Alice’s is long, blonde,and curly.  To get the look, wrap about an inch-worth of hair around a1†curling iron, like Bed Head 1″ Styling Iron ($25), and hold for 20 -30 seconds. Repeat over entire head and spray with a fine misthairspray, like Ulta’s Ultimate Finish Natural Hold Hairspray($9).  See this YouTube video for more tips.
*Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum – Possibly not the picture of beautybut one must always focus on the positive – they have great skin. Check out Revlon’s Photo Ready Makeup SPF 20 ($14) and Stila One Step Foundation ($44) for fullcoverage.

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