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Beauty Mark: We're With Coco
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Beauty Mark: We're With Coco

I don’t know about you guys but I’m really upset about this whole Leno/Conan thing. I’m a huge Conan O’Brien fan; he’s hilarious, funny-looking, and very clever. I even went to a taping of his show at his New York studio a couple years ago.
Word on the street is he’s leaving in February and Leno’s going to return to host his dull, drab version of The Tonight Show. In the meantime, let’s give Coco some love!
1. HAIR: Maybe it’s a little drastic but red hair is really fun (I know firsthand) and a lot more people can pull it off than you think. L’Oreal Feria Hair Color in #74 Copper Shimmer and L’Oreal Superior Preference in 7LA Lightest Auburn($10)
2. NAILS: Any orange-y red will do to show support for the cone-bone. OPI’s Bright Lights Big Color($8); Essie’s Life Saver ($8)
3. LIPS: Pucker up and give your lips a little copper sheen. Mac’s Charismatic Lipstick ($14); Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick in Apple Polish ($9)
4. HOME & BODY: Like our favorite talk show host, Ginger is known to have healing properties. Fill your life with the spicy scent to help get your mind off the impending Leno take over. H2O+ Ginger Rush Soy Travel Candle($3.60); Origins Ginger Hand Lotion ($15)

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