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For The Boys: Dressing Down the Wingtips

In a world where florescent colored tennis shoes (no matter how fantastic) are considered “dressy”, it is only a natural progression that we eventually flip the switch. The new shoe de jour is most definitely going old school, be it a peanut tinted wingtips fit for a Ralph show or a Bass Penny loafer straight from dad’s closet, this classic footwear is back in full force.
I always say you can tell a whole lot about a person by what they wear on their feet…. I say that proudly rocking various $3 vintage finds myself. So as we watch the bold street style that has graced our presence for the past few years come and go we are greeted by an era of basics, as long as you don’t mind some of those basics acid yellow and studded.
Whether paired with a tailored pant cut above the ankle or rolled bootcuts on a run to the store, nothing says a mans got himself together like stepping out with the right support.

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