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Tis The Season: The MidWasteland's Top 5 Favs for the Holidays- Nicole's Picks

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Tis The Season: The MidWasteland's Top 5 Favs for the Holidays- Nicole's Picks

A collage of makeup products and accessories.

Our head beauty gal, Nicole, shares her five favs for the holiday season. Topping her list is none other than a 187 piece makeup kit from Sephora, coming in close second- an Mmmbop babe. See what else she’s looking forward to under her tree…

  1. The Ultimate Block Buster | Sephora
    “You had me at “84 eyeshadows.”
  2. Taylor Hanson
    “I’ve been in love with Taylor Hanson since I was 13. Don’t hate! He’s a total babe! He went off and got married without me but I still love him. Currently accepting applications for lookalikes.”
  3. 2010 Stendig Calendar | Crate and Barrel
    “I first saw this calendar in the documentary Helvetica (highly recommended for typography nerds like myself) and I had to have it. I’m a big planner and list-maker so I love calendars to begin with but I also really like interior design. This calendar kind of marries the two — it’s so big and pretty, it’s like a piece of art.”
  4. Red Framed Eyeglasses | LACOSTE
    “It was second grade when my parents okayed my first pair of Sally Jesse lenses. It’s almost twenty years later and I wish I still had them. I think they’re sexy.”
  5. 2.55 | Chanel
    “It’s just such a classic. You can dress it up or down and everyone thinks you’re going places if you carry one…which I like to think I am!”

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