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Kristen Stewart: New Muffin?

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Kristen Stewart: New Muffin?


We all know by now that vampires have taken over the world with shows such as Vampire Diaries and movies such as New Moon. With such attention drawn to these characters and actors most of us would think that they would be prime example of style and fashion…then approaches Kristen Stewart….what was she thinking? This takes “muffin top” to a new level. Tell us what you think.
(Photo by: Chicago Sun-Times)

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  • We need to talk to ms. Stewarts stylist. As much as she tells us she dresses on her own, we know there is someone from the management team telling her what to wear. They are trying to pull off the Joan Jett rocker, I don’t give a sh** what you think about what I am wearing, but really, we know you do.. SO, STYLIST, stop doing a SH** job and dress this girl in rocker chic, not rocker rehab! ok??! Much appreciated, AND KRISTEN, if you need someone to put some good looks together for you, hit me up in CHI! We know biker rocker punk chic like we know our city 🙂 xoxo the Chi Fashion Trends Examiner **MUAH**

  • This is the crappiest work I have seen a stylist put together in a while, especially for a star who is now so popular. First of all, those suspenders are pulling up the jeans to an unthinkable level. If her stylist was trying to accentuate her camel toe, then BRAVO. Secondly, those light wash jeans do the white tank top no justice. She should have been wearing a darker denim, perhaps black to make the white pop. And yes, the cherry on top of this disastrous outfit is the muffin top. God awful. Regardless of the look she was going for, if you can’t work it, just don’t. Or get some Spanx.

  • I think she looks amazing. I have no idea what you are talking about. Kristin Stewart is the only celeberty that has real style. I love her jeans, her t shirt, and the suspenders. She always looks beautiful. Whats even better she looks like a real human. Not someone that sits around matching their outfits all day. She has the best clothing tho. I envy her for her closet.

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