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Latest Obsession: One Knit Wonders

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Latest Obsession: One Knit Wonders

A collage of different types of clothing and accessories.

If you are a Midwesterner then you know that winters can be akin to a hit with an ugly stick, and autumn isn’t much better. Everywhere you look you see UGGS (which might I add, were originally designed to be worn in hot sand,) everyone’s heads are in a permanent state of matted-down hat hair, and we sometimes give off a paler glare than the snow.

Thus the transition from fall to winter-wear begins. What better time to adorn yourself with whimsical, unique and cozy accessories? Lately, I have been digging the knitted and crocheted necklaces that have been popping-up everywhere. I have spotted options on Etsy, on the cover of LOVE magazine, during MN Fall Fashion week and more.

So, in-between finding the perfect self-tanner for your winter glow, and adding a new hat to your growing collection, be sure to check out some of these accessories options. They should have you knitting or crocheting your way into a more attractive season.

Photo clockwise from top left: Accessorius on Etsy: Natura Necklace 2.0, Nitca on etsy: 3 Loop necklace scarves, Acommonthread on Etsy: Knit Red Bow Statement Necklace, Knit chain link necklace by “Miss Stitch†shown at SCENEaSOTA, and found at Cliché with photo by Digital Crush, Yokoo Scarves & Accessories on Etsy, Anthropologie Spectacle Necklace, and a chain link necklace by Yokoo for the cover of LOVE Magazine.

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  • Ugh, annoying. Yokoo is so completely overrated. I’d rather see some local crafters being promoted who actually know what it’s like to survive these wretched Chicago winters, not some girl from Atlanta who has probably never seen more than an inch of snow in her entire life.

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