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Accessories: Lanvin SP2010 RTW
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Accessories: Lanvin SP2010 RTW

I’m obsessed(like, really obsessed) with accessories. I would even say more so than I am with clothes. Mostly because I think they can change the look of a whole outfit, as well as, exhibit a person’s true character.Thus why, when I saw the overabundant display of accessories on Lanvin’s Spring 2010 RTW runway I went wild. It was an explosion of chains, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets(yes, anklets!) piled on top of one other. It was haphazard yet harmonious and completely stunning.
I’ve tried this adornment collision myself but never to this extent. Seeing this display only inspires me to get more creative and continue to keep piling em’ on. You might have heard the Coco Chanel quote, “When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on”, which generally holds true. Though, in this case, I’ll have to agree-to-disagree with the almighty Double C.

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  • Gorgeous. The earrings frighten the klutz in me – visions of tearing lobe – but the rest? I’d sell my grandmother for any of ’em.

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