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Beauty Mark: MUST HAVE Smith’s Rosebud Salve

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Beauty Mark: MUST HAVE Smith’s Rosebud Salve

Smith’s Rosebud Salve ($6) has been around since 1895.  Maybe it’s just marketing (or lack thereof – they have a .net)but they must be doing something right.  Lots of people are fans:Katherine Heigl, Chloe Sevigny, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Garner.  Andthere’s just something so charming about the little tin it comes in. It makes me think of apothecaries (and then I think of Kiehl’s and then my wallet cries).
I’ve found nothing that heals chapped lips faster than Smith’s – putit on at night and by the morning it’s completely absorbed and yourlips feel velvety and smooth.  And not just your lips.  I use it on myknuckles, elbows and knees during winter when my skin’s extra dry andI’ve put it on scars to speed up the healing process.  Other uses: tosoothe skin after an eyebrow wax, to smooth down fly-aways, to helpwith itchy mosquito bites, as a cuticle moisturizer.  It’s also greatas plain lip gloss – not too sticky or waxy with a hint of shine.  Plusit lasts forever.  I put it on my lips every morning and night and I’monly on my second tin in five years.
While Smith’s is not at most drug stores, any beauty supply storeshould have it and I’ve seen it popping up at specialty gift shops andplaces like Urban Outfitters. If you’re not into rose scents Smith’snow makes other varieties: Strawberry, Mint, and Brambleberry. I love this stuff so much I used to have two tins until onemysteriously went missing…which I’m pretty sure wound up as a mainstayin the messenger bag of an ex-boyfriend.  He loved the stuff too (butdon’t tell anyone).

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  • That’s funny that you say that you’ve only gone through two tins in 5 years. I have had the same strawberry tin for almost 3 years now. I live by this stuff

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