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Trendspotting: Denim Shirts
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Trendspotting: Denim Shirts

The following is not a GAP advertisement, I promise. Although the GAP has been toting denim button-ups for quite some time and still carries them for men and women, this trend has recently hit the streets as an 80’s revival.

Ashley Olson is sporting them, Alexander Wang dressed his models in them for his spring ’09 collection, and Scott Schuman has photographed many dapper men wearing them in the streets of Italy and Paris.

There are a few styling tips that can take this late summer/fall staple and update the look for both men and women. Men can rock the look with rolled-up sleeves paired with rolled-up khakis, they can look for chic options with strategically placed body-slimming darts, they can also wear the shirt with a couple of buttons undone, or add a scarf for sophistication. For the women, this shirt looks great belted in and worn over short shorts, paired with a floral summer dress or worn with skinny black pants and killer heels.

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  • The look is definitely feeling fresh again! And the way Ashley Olsen paired hers with those Balenciaga heels… can’t go wrong with that!

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