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Preparing For Pitchfork: What To Wear
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Preparing For Pitchfork: What To Wear

Pitchfork Music Festival Fashion Street Style

pitchfork what to wear
Pitchfork weekend forecast: Partly cloudy with a high of 70 and 10% chance of precipitation all 3 days.
Kick off Pitchfork weekend by getting together some of your favorite summer outfits. Try mixing this seasons hottest florals with this season’s other hottest item, the romper. Just beware when it’s porter-potty-time, no one wants to be caught with their pants down, or their whole entire outfit down as a matter of fact. Beverage intake kept to a minimum with this ensemble.
Make sure outfits are comfortable and add some personality to it by accessorizing with crazy belts and jewelry, but keep in mind as night falls those lakefront winds get cold. So, keep those bare arms and legs warm and throw a scarf into that shoulder bag or kick it back 90’s style and bring along that denim jacket in the back of your closet.
And with a lineup of great bands to watch and listen to who needs to worry about your shoes getting dirty from the grass and dirt festival grounds. Consider throwing on a pair of Hunter boots and stomp the grounds and surf the crowds with ease. So trot your way through the crowd and check out some of the bands.
Finish off with a great satchel, messenger, or shoulder bag to make it easier to carry things you will need to survive a day at Pitchfork and to see how to survive pitchfork here.
To catch a glimpse of Pitchfork fashion check out last years street style coverage.
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