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Meet Caroline Borucki, Chicago Fashion Designer + Artist
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Meet Caroline Borucki, Chicago Fashion Designer + Artist

Interview: Caroline Borucki, Chicago Fashion Designer/Artist

With her unique panache, recent fashion design graduate Caroline Borucki brings the Midwest streets a one-of-a kind style through her vintage scarves and remnants from her grandmother’s jewelry box. Doing business by the quirky nomenclature, “caro____” no capitals, the Dominican University grad has quickly found her style niche.

Name/Blog: Caroline Borucki
Occupation: Freelance fashion designer & artist [wood/fabric sculpture] Describe your style: Eclectic, sophisticated, feminine, vintage, colorful, gaudy at times.
Places you love to shop: Salvation Army thrift stores & antique shops.
Where can we usually find you? Thrifting, crafting at my apartment or having a lemonade by beautiful Lake Michigan.
What inspires you? My style stems from different genres/plots where I can play the role of a character. In my designing I take inspiration from living organisms & inanimate objects.
Favorite item in your closet: ‘My link boots’ which are a pair of vintage cuffed leather boots that fit perfectly.
Fashion no no: Flip flops or pants.
Fashion must: Scarf, clip-ons & belt around the waist.
Cheap Thrill: Cherry chapstick.
Whose style do you admire? Chloe Sevigny, Agyness Deyn, 1940s housewives & 1920s flappers.
How has your style evolved? It’s become classier & less trendy.
What do you regret ever wearing? Green tights that I wore two days ago, I felt as though I was a leprechaun.
Who would you love to makeover/under? Katy Perry.
In your perfect world… No one would be jealous.
Dream job? Silent film star.
Most important advice on style: Take some tips from your grandmother. Don’t substitute tights for pants.
Something everyone should check out: My friend Courtney Howell’s paintings.

Visit her website to learn more.

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