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Latest Obsession: A Perfect Circle

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Latest Obsession: A Perfect Circle

A pair of sunglasses sitting on top of a box.

Last summer was the Clubmaster and the summer before was the Wayfarer. This summer I’m stepping away from the ever classic Ray Ban brand and getting a little wild.

I’ve decided to follow in the footsteps of my circle shade wearing forefather, John Lennon and his nouveau-hippie counterpart, MK Olsen. The round frames I’m speaking of are certainly still classic but unlike the popular Ray Ban frames, are not for everyone. I’m still not even sure I can pull them off but that’s not going to stop me from trying.

When searching for my very own pair I came across one tiny problem. Money! Every pair I saw was super expensive. And, honestly, who can afford $200 (or more) for sunglasses they are only 85% sure about. Not me, for one.

After scouring, I came to found out that Forever 21 had a really cute black pair for like $10 or $12. Though, once I was ready to buy, they were sold out. I even wrote a letter to corporate. After a few months I gave up on the idea. That was until Sunday. That’s when I just so happened upon Clothes Optional in Lakeview(Chicago), where I found my pot of gold. The exact pair of round shades I so desperately wanted in black, tortoise, white AND green. I debated between the black and tortoise until I went with black. The best part was that they were only $12. Which means, if end up hating them, it’s no big loss!

Clothes Optional is located at 2323 W. Halsted | Chicago, Il. Hours: Mon – Sat 11-8, Sun. 12 – 6

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  • girl, i got them at f21. the burbs will never let you down. someday i can afford the real deal ie karen walker. until then i must opt for f21. good for you for finding them at clothing optional. that store is rad!

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