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Beauty Mark: Scar Jo Reveals Her Spice-y Past

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Beauty Mark: Scar Jo Reveals Her Spice-y Past

A woman in beige dress and black belt walking down the street.

“I regret only one phase of my make-up life – a period when I always wore the brown “Spice” lip liner and tan lipstick look in the late 90s.Very Drew Barrymore. Or so I thought.” – Scarlett Johansson, The Guardian

I’m right there with you Scarlett. For me it was MAC’s Spice lip liner and some horrid matte tan color that I (gladly) can’t remember. The early 90’s were even worse, I wore a shade called, Iced Mocha(Read: Brown). Not too hot when you have pale skin and braces! Eeek!

Spill it, what did your bad make-up phase entail??

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