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Gay Marriage Legal in Iowa
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Gay Marriage Legal in Iowa

Today, the high courts of Iowa declared gay marriage legal. You heard right. I-O-W-A.
Being a born and bred Midwesterner, I was shocked to hear that this law was passed within our conservative region. We are a long ways away from shedding our “traditional” viewpoints. Regardless, it is truly inspiring to witness the change that is taking place in our country. Little by little.
Iowa joins Massachusetts and Connecticut as the only U.S. states to permit gay marriage.

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  • I’m an Iowan, and I’m shocked that people are surprised by the court’s decision, we are far from a conservative place.

    Historically Iowa has lead the country in extending the rights and liberties of groups being discriminated against. Iowa was the first state to admit women to the bar and allow them to practice law. We are a nation of farmers – yet 26 years before the the Civil War – the Iowa Supreme Court set free and rejected slavery. 85 years before the Supreme Court of the U.S. – Iowa desegregated schools, and preceded the Supreme Court by 91 years in desegregating public accomidations.

    The decision in Varnum v. Brien was unanimous – a testament that there is no debate, rather a firm statement has been made which affirms Iowa’s position as a progressive protector of the individual rights and civil liberties of it’s citizens.

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