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If You Like TOPSHOP, You'll Love…

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If You Like TOPSHOP, You'll Love…

Topshop has always been a glimmer in American’s eyes, a place we could only hear about from fashion editors or gaze at on the internet. One day, like magic, we were even able to purchase from the website and come April, we (and by we, I mean New Yorkers) will be able to try on all of their scrumptious goods in person.
Though, the more I browse the site and wait in wonder, the more I realize it looks distinctly familiar. I’ve seen all this stuff before…in my Etsy store! Nothing was exact but I found a lot of similarities in their Spring collection and my vintage goodies, which made me think, if you like TOPSHOP, you’ll love Elegantly Wasted Vintage.

Left to right: Topshop Double Breasted Heart Blazer, $135.00, Elegantly Wasted Black and White Buffalo Plaid Blazer, $40
Left to right: Topshop Quilted Fold-over Clutch Bag, $48, Elegantly Wasted Red Quilted Shoulder Bag, $22
Left to right: Topshop Tartan Check Shirt, $55, Elegantly Wasted Red Plaid Tunic, $25
Left to right: Topshop Illustrated People Longline, $85, Elegantly Wasted Worn-In Wolf Sweatshirt, $35
suede skirt
Left to right: Topshop Unique Suede Zip Skirt, $410, Elegantly Wasted Mustard Yellow Suede Pencil Skirt , $25

Left to right: Topshop Unique Silk Bomber Jacket, $180, Elegantly Wasted Silk Houndstooth Jacket, $50
By my calculations, if you bought ALL of the vintage above instead ofthe Topshop garb, you would not only save $716(!), your clothes wouldbe one of a kind. Just something to think about during the R-Word.

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