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From Chi to NY: Fashion Week Gossip just for you!

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From Chi to NY: Fashion Week Gossip just for you!

I wanted to keep this in. I really did, but it’s just too juicy and too good. I’ve been at New York Fashion Week and while the clothes were great the designers were nice and there were a million other things I could tell you about, there is only one story I feel so compelled to share as I wait to board my plane.
At 3.1 Phillip Lim, the crowd was hush, the lights were dim and the seats were filled- with the exception of two notable spots, front row center. “Who could it be?” we all wondered. Could it be The First Lady? She was rumored to be at everyone’s show, from Jason Wu to Narcisco Rodriguez, though regrettably she never showed. Could it be one of the Vogue heads of state, Carine Roitfeld or Anna Wintour? It couldn’t be. They were always prompt, unassuming and quiet.
As the fog machines began quietly rolling in, the security guards pulled back the plastic on the runway just behind the empty seats. Then, out of the fog….

…rolls up Kanye and his Kan-tourage looking Oh-SO-Fly in their shockingly bright Louis Vuitton Spring Bags, ostentatious scarves, glasses..etc. Mr. West himself was rocking this darling little drummer boy coat, ringing in the Fall 2009 Season with his own Christmas look and his futuristic lady friend (get it? Fall 2009 is in the future?). Unfortunately, there were 5 of them, and as I mentioned earlier, there were only 2 seats. The rest of the West Party of 5 began awkwardly looking for seats in the crowd and if it seems like this would be sort of uncomfortably showy for those of us there to see the show, it totally was.
**Incidentally, like 4 models lost their shoes right in front of Kanye. This was not an uncommon trend at NYFW. It’s been dubbed the year of “Model Down!” Perhaps next year, stylists will consider puchasing shoes in..oh, I don’t know, the size of the models?

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