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Hollywood Hipster: Dakota Fanning. Really? Really?!
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Hollywood Hipster: Dakota Fanning. Really? Really?!

I just found this picture of Dakota Fanning from a recent premier of Coraline and had a horrible epiphany that she might be the next Lindsay Lohan.

I mean, think about it, her name is DAKOTA, she’s cute(even during puberty, which means she’ll be a super fox as an adult) and she’s totally fashionable.

All those things combined are bound to catapult her into the world of Hollywood Hipster-dom and next thing we know she’ll be dating Coco Sumner and doing coke off some guys ween in the backseat of a Bentley.

I don’t even want to think about it. I’m just going to go on adoring the mini-celeb’s awesome style, pretend I didn’t make the aforementioned prediction and hope for the best.

Images Via Just Jared and Radar

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  • I’d fuck every hole of her body. Hard. Can you imagine putting her down onto her knees in her dress, knowing she’s sore and bleeding everywhere, then spunking BIG all over that cute distressed face?

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